Ramadan Appeal 2018


We hope & pray that you are in the best state of health. Please Keep in mind, as in the past, to  help Zaytun Welfare Trust  with your Sadaqa, Zakat, lillah & fitra in this holy month of Ramadan. Zaytun welfare trust which focuses mostly on Sustainability Projects and Income Generation with a 100% Donations Policy.
This year we have various donation packages allowing your donations to last as a means of Sadaqa Jariya whilst empowering the poor.


*£40 FAMILY FOOD PARCEL, Show Kindness to the poor fasting £30 can provide  Iftar & Suhoor to a Muslim family for the whole month.

*£10 EID GIFT PACK, Please Donate so children won’t go hungry on the days of Eid.

*£25 SPONSOR A CHILD, like all children, orphan too dream of happiness and success, Orphan sponsorship costs £25 a month or £300 for one Year.

*£5/- SADAQATUL FITR  per person.


*£18/- Six Chickens, This domestic animal are one of the finest gift you could give as they are low maintenance and each can lay over 200 eggs a year providing families with protein in their diets. Surplus eggs can be sold to pay schooling, clothes and medicine.

*£250 WIDOWS SUPPORT,  give a cow with calf to poor ladies who don’t have breadwinners. When you provide a family with a cow you provide a source of continuous wealth and benefit not only with regular milk for the family, but excess to sell also.

*£180/-FRESH WATER PUMP, of all things in life, safe water is one of the most basic privileges we could ask for by digging a well you can quench the thirst of entire  community, as a means of Sadaqa Jariya.

*£1,000/- BUILD A HOUSE, Build a solid house out of bricks and concrete, these are low maintenance and long lasting. a home is a necessary requirement for any family. You are able to bring security and comport to homeless families who would otherwise be left destitute.

*£20/- SPONSOR A TEACHER, you can provide a Qur’an teacher whose role will be to teach approximately 40 children to learn and memorise the holy Qur’an.

A small donation can make a real difference.
Please donate today!